Make Friends Traveling

A Toy Shark’s Guide to Making Friends in a New City


“The absolute pocket-size guide to get you pumped up before you hit the road” - Alex, traveler and sociologist


What is this and why do I want it?

Do you like traveling? Would you like to learn new ways to meet new people and make friends in different countries? Would you like to overcome your shyness and be the coolest traveler ever?

Anton is an expert on this field. In this downloadable guide, he shares tips and resources that will help you:

  • Meet new people on the road
  • Connect deeper with other humans
  • Maintain friendships as you travel

Who is Anton Stroboshark?

Anton is a cuddly, vegan, globetrotting shark sharing positive energy wherever he goes.

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Anton is not a qualified life coach, doctor or psychologist. He is a stuffed shark. While “Make Friends Traveling” has been tested by humans, you are responsible for your own actions and you are following any tips at your own risk.